Know Your Mattress

Know when to switch out your old mattress for a new one!

Know when to change your mattress

There are a varied number of reasons why our overall health is affected in this day and age. The one most overlooked is lack of sleep due to the deteriorating conditions of our mattress. Badd mattresses often lead us to toss and turn, hence encouraging broken sleep patterns. If you are starting to forget what it’s like to have a sound sleep it’s time to get rid of your old mattress! 

Conditions your mattress is causing- 

1. Allergies:

Old mattresses have a heavy risk of running allergies. If you are pondering and wondering why, let us explain. Through the years of wear and tear, your mattress tends to soak in an enormous amount of sweat and dust. While you clean your mattress a significant amount of that residue remains. Over the years this residue can trigger allergies. Allergies can be the reason for a congested nose which only adds to your interrupted sleep pattern. It gets worse .. an old mattress can also agitate asthma if you are prone to it. This is exactly why changing your mattress every 4 – 6 years is recommended. On the other hand if you tend to choose a mattress from hypnos you would not face these problems due to its protective layer to shield your mattress from dust!

2. Tiredness:

When a mattress overstays its welcome, it readily gives a person interrupted sleep. The greater the discomfort while you sleep the more likely you are to wake up in intervals. What this does for your body is, leaves it ill rested and hence even more worn out the day after. A lack of good uninterrupted sleep adversely affects the part of your brain which controls speed and accuracy. This being the problem you are more likely to not be able to concentrate throughout the day and feel more exhausted than usual. With comfortable mattresses these problems don’t exist, hence having to replace your regular mattress with a Hypnos soft foam mattress is a great idea. 

3. Back problems:

Through the years of sleeping on the same mattress, the mattress tends to sag. This sagging happens to form a ditch in the shape of the person sleeping on this mattress. What this means is a part of your mattress happens to sync in deeper than other parts, causing an uneven surface to lay on. When you sleep on a mattress as such you start to develop back aches. These backaches can develop into permanent problems through time. With Hypnos’s spine safe mattress you won’t have to worry about back problems! 

It is essential to know when your mattress is starting to do more harm than good. Not paying attention to these details, and continuing to have sleepless nights can immensely impact your health. Your deteriorating health should always be taken care of at the earliest or it leads to problems you can not solve. Learn to let go of mattresses that are causing you harm and invest in mattresses that will ensure good health. Hypnos mattresses and its soft foam feature get a mattress that will feel like sleeping on a cloud. 

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