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The mattress world and the options it beholds can be an overwhelming sight especially for a first-time mattress buyer; but you need not worry, Hypnos has put together the ultimate beginner’s mattress guide which will help you through your journey.

Mattresses don’t just come from varied brands, they come in different sizes and different types. Each size and type catering to a specific need. Purchasing a mattress that you need to satisfy what you require is priority. So how do you do that?

To start off it’s best to ask and answer the following questions.

  1. How old is your mattress?
  2. What position do you sleep in?
  3. What firmness do you require?

Let’s begin with – How old your mattress is ?

Understanding when you need to change your mattress is extremely important. Old mattresses can be a pathway to a number of health problems. Old mattress can wear out and cause allergies, severe back aches, interrupted sleep which can then result in life long undoable health problems. In case you do want to read about our blog regarding when you need to let go of your old mattress you can click here!

What position do you sleep in?

What position do you sleep in determines where you put most of your body weight? Let’s assume you are a back sleeper, a back sleeper would put all their weight on their back, hence they would require a mattress which encourages more comfort focusing on your back! Hypnos spine safe mattress would be a great option here. Similarly, different mattresses will be crafted to serve different needs. Understanding how you sleep to find out which mattress is perfect for you is essential.

What firmness do you require?

When firmness comes into question, we need to understand that individual preferences with regards to firmness are subjective. Are you someone who likes to sleep on mattresses which are soft or a mattresses which are medium-hard? Once you have this question answered you can narrow down your mattress options.  Hypnos premium foam mattresses comes in various firmnesses to choose from making it a perfect fit for you!

So, there you have it, the complete beginner’s guide to choosing the right mattress for you!

We are Hypnos, the latest innovation from the house of Peps, inviting you to slow down. Our range of premium mattresses create the perfect environment for a good night’s sleep, also inspire a life that is richer, fuller, and more meaningful

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