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What to look for in a new quality mattress!

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Looking for a mattress in this day and age can be overwhelming. With ample options available you can not really tell apart the good from the bad. In situations as such what do you do? For starters reading up on a mattress is a great idea, although what information to focus on might get increasingly challenging. Which is why we have put together a few pointers that you can keep an eye out for when you do go mattress hunting!

Here are some points that will help you set apart good quality mattresses from the bad: 

1. Great support 

A good mattress will always have great support for your body when you do sleep on it. Now what that actually means is – when you lay down on a good quality mattress you will not feel any kind of discomfort on any body part. Your shoulder blades, your back, your neck nothing will seem to be in an awkward position causing tension or pain. On the contrary a good mattress will tend to distribute your weight evenly throughout your body! This will make you feel at ease instantly. For example when you lay on a Hypnos soft foam mattress, the mattress acts like a layer of cloud to help give you extra comfort while engulfing in the shape of your body.

2. Does it give you what you are looking for?

Mattresses don’t come in one shape or size for a reason. Everyone is looking to fulfill a different need when it comes to sleeping comfortably, and we understand that. Which is why mattress encompasses a number of kinds based on which component of want they choose to serve, each kind serving a different purpose. Some of these kinds of mattresses include, memory foam mattresses, spine safe mattresses and many more. As their name suggests each of them individually serve a different kind of want. Knowing what you want is important, do you need a mattress with foam or would you rather choose a mattress that is spine safe. Outlining those facts and choosing a mattress that is tailored to your specific needs will help narrow the selection process and encourage you to choose quality. 

3. Mattresses to benefit health

As you age you require mattresses that serve a specific kind of purpose. Those purposes are inclined with health benefits. With age taking care of your spine predominantly becomes something you need to do. When this happens investing in mattresses that provide not only quality but also a solution to that specific problem is essential. For example a spine safe mattress is perfect for someone post the age of 30. Hypnos has it’s mattress creation backed with science hence giving you more comfort than you have ever experienced before! 

A good night’s sleep can improve your mental health and your attitude towards life. To have a good night’s sleep you need to have a quality mattress that allows it. 

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