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Prosaic Symptoms & Effects Of A Bad Mattress

Many people don’t think of changing their mattress unless they found it to be completely worn out. If you continue to sleep on a bad mattress, it may impose the following side effects on your health:

Your old bed can contain upto 10 million dust mites. When you sleep on the mattress, these dust mites will accompany you while sleeping. These dust mites are harmful to you if you are suffering from any skin conditions, respiratory allergies, or rashes.

Body Pain
An aged mattress starts to sag and could result in severe back pain. A worn-out mattress will have a curved shape in the middle and subsequently hamper your sleeping position by making it uncomfortable. This awkward sleeping position will cause back pain. If you continue to sleep in a discomforting position, you may feel exhausted all day.

Sleep Disturbances
Sleeping on a bad mattress may also cause insomnia. Have you ever felt dizzy and exhausted even after sleeping for 8 hours? This might be because of the sleep quality because of bad mattress. Sleep deprivation can also lead to serious health issues. When you sleep, your body goes through resting phase, and it refreshes and recharges.

The risk of obesity is high among people who are not getting enough sleep and woke up during the night. Sleep deprivation can cause drowsiness and lack of energy which further leads to overeating. The various studies revealed that people who are sleep-deprived often eat more to compensate for the energy they didn’t get due to insufficient sleep.

People often overlook their mattresses being the reason behind snoring. Pillow and sleeping position is often considered to be the factors leading to snoring. But who has thought the actual reason could be the bad mattress. Because a bad mattress won’t support your body properly, blocks the air passageways, and results in snoring.

Premature Aging
Lack of sleep because of a bad mattress can also affect your skin. It will make your skin feel dry and dull. In a study regarding the sleeping habits of women, it was revealed that women who sleep the soundest have the youngest-looking skin.

Poor Memory
Poor sleep may also result in poor memory. A bad night’s sleep may also affect your memory power. Difficulty remembering things could be a long-term effect of insufficient sleep.

Final Thoughts
A bad mattress is detrimental to your health. So, discard the old sagged mattress and say NO to health issues. At Hypnos, we offer PU Foam Mattress, Memory Foam Mattress, and Spring Mattress to provide adequate support and eliminate these prosaic effects. Our best rated foam mattresses are available in multiple sizes and colors.

We are Hypnos, the latest innovation from the house of Peps, inviting you to slow down. Our range of premium mattresses create the perfect environment for a good night’s sleep, also inspire a life that is richer, fuller, and more meaningful

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