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Is your Mattress making you sick? What health issues can a bad mattress cause?

Issues a bad mattress can cause

We are all aware that a good quality mattress plays a vital role in a good night’s sleep, but not everyone knows that a bad mattress can make you sick. Mattresses do more than help you get a good quality sleep. An ideal mattress will help decrease your stress, it will support your mental & physical health, and it will improve your overall life quality. 

On the other hand, a bad mattress or an old & worn-out mattress can cause a myriad of health issues in your life. Here’s a list of such health issues to help you identify the “Bad Mattress Problem” at your home –

Waking up with aches and pains 

If you are waking up with aches and pains in your lower back, neck, and/or shoulders, there’s a high possibility that your Mattress is doing that to you. This is one of the most common “Bad Mattress symptoms” to watch for. When your Mattress fails to provide you with the ideal support you need while sleeping, you end up with such pains. You have to find the Mattress that fits your requirements and body type to get rid of these pains. Visit and explore your options. 


A lousy mattress deprives you of much-needed sleep and leaves you tired and lazy. If you are regularly waking up tired, it’s time to go Mattress shopping. A bad mattress can cause discomfort throughout the night and spoil all the benefits of sleep for your body. The symptom may not end at ‘waking up tired’; it could also affect your alertness throughout the day. 

Mood disorders 

A night of adequate sleep not only keeps you active all day but also keeps you in high spirits. Poor quality sleep or insufficient sleep can lead to several mental health problems like increased stress and anxiety. You might end up becoming someone who is moody and gets easily irritated. 

Sleeplessness and related issues 

The most prominent health issue you will face with a bad mattress is sleeplessness. And not getting enough sleep will open a Pandora box of health issues for you. From cardiac problems to a weak immune system – lack of sleep can cause a whole range of health issues in your body. 

Another one of the less common issues associated with sleeplessness is of gaining weight. If you have not been sleeping well and wondering where those extra kilos came from, you should consider blaming your Mattress. Low metabolism, increased hunger, and increased insulin secretion are a few effects of sleeplessness that ultimately lead to weight gain.

The list doesn’t end here. It goes on and on. The crucial point to understand here is that you cannot take your sleep for granted. Your body not just deserves but NEEDS adequate sleep to function correctly. Pro Tip: Sleep and sleeping surface go hand-in-hand. An adequate, comfortable, and sufficient sleep is impossible without an excellent quality mattress. Pick the right Mattress in terms of firmness, material, type, colour, and size that compliments your body. Hypnos India is at your disposal in helping you find that “soul mate mattress” of yours. Get in touch today:

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