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Night is the grand beginning of your day

For most of us, nightfall marks the end of day.
Then why are we calling it the beginning? Let’s find out!
Our days are a long chain of many must-dos – wake-up, cook, eat, work/study and so on.
But nights… ah, the nights are all ours to design. Whether you fill it with quiet solitude to brace yourself for the packed mornings or rock and roll with late nights and parties to forget the upcoming hectic schedules, the choice is all yours.

A goodnight’s sleep is a magic potion that gives a calm and energised start to the mornings.
But did you realize that using the night to do a few other things can give you a solid head-start on the day?
Here is a short list of can-dos for your night routine to get the most out of the mornings that follow.
What’s more? You can head right away into giving your best to ones that need all your attention without being diverted by the mundane chores.

Get the kitchen ready to go
Went in for some coffee but found the cup still lying in the sink? You pick up the cup to wash and a spoon, tumbler and the rest follow. Whoosh goes the happy-hour of the morning.
Does it sound too familiar? Happens with me all the time!
How about we take care of this the previous night — everything you will need in the morning, clean to pick up and start?
Don’t look so wistful. It’s possible. Remember, you don’t need to do it yourself. (Wink!)

Prepare the to-do list
Knowing in advance what the day looks like prepares us better to face it.
There is a lot of advice to do this in the morning but doing it the previous night gives me time for exercise and cooking.
Always make your tasks time bound to ensure you spend it dedicatedly over the task at hand and see your productivity go up, up and up!

Cleanse the skin
When we sleep, the blood circulation increases throughout the body including the skin. Our skin gets repaired and rejuvenated which results in a glowing skin that everyone wants to know the secret of.
Give it additional support by washing away the accumulated dirt and sweat. Take a bath and relax your body – a step closer to a good sleep.

Clear the mind
Gratitude is powerful. Not only does it humble us as humans, it has a soothing effect on our minds.
Recollect the good things that happened, the blessings we enjoyed, the mistakes we learnt from and forgive and forget the bad ones.
What better way to end the day than leave behind the negativity and forge ahead with positive thoughts?

That’s it. These are our top 4 recommendations. You may discount or add more things to the list. The ultimate goal is to prepare ahead in the night, which is the forerunner of your next day.

So, choose wisely!

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