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Monsoon Mattress Care Tips

Monsoon is here and we are all excited about pleasant winds, heavy rain, and delicious food.
This season cheers everyone’s mood but also brings in several allergies and bacteria. If you
don’t want to lose the fun around the season, you must ensure a healthy and hygienic home
environment. This will prevent your home from, monsoon bacteria and bugs. Have you ever
realized that the mattress you sleep on is most vulnerable in nature? It gets very easily exposed
to bacteria and bugs in the monsoon season. Monsoon tips for mattress are as follows:

Monsoon Mattress Care Tips

The humid climate outside may hamper your peaceful sleep. Monsoon also brings dampness,
insects, mold, and mildew which are the causes of allergies. Keeping the mattress clean and
hygienic is a major concern during monsoon.
In this mattress cleaning guide, we will discuss
some of the most common and easy ways of mattress care that protect your mattress during
monsoon season

Waterproof mattress protector

Your mattress is an investment and will support you for years, but monsoon season may
deteriorate the lifespan of your mattress. You can use a waterproof mattress protector to prevent
your mattress from a humid climate. It acts as a shield for your mattress and protects the
mattress from the harmful impact of moisture, dust, bacteria, mold, mildew, etc. Waterproof
mattress protectors also safeguard your mattress from accidental spills, stains, and marks. It fits
well with the mattress and ensures no fluid passes through it. Thus, the waterproof mattress
protector aids in improving mattress hygiene, freshness, and durability. The mattress protector is
a shield that protects your mattress from various bacteria, dust mites, and pollen and helps keep
the mattress hygienic and free from allergies. Maintaining the mattress protector is not a hassle,
you can easily remove it and drop it into the washing machine

Frequently change your bedsheet 

It is advisable to not sleep on the same linen for more than a week. Not changing bedsheets
frequently allows microbes to settle on the bed surface which may hamper sleep. Changing the
bedsheet after regular intervals helps maintain the mattress hygiene and offers a healthy
sleeping environment during monsoons as well.

Flip the mattress
Flipping the mattress once every three months also works. This way you’ll be using both sides
of the mattress interchangeably. Before flipping ensure that the mattress is comfortable from
both sides. Flipping also prevents the mattress from getting exposed to microbes and bacteria,
as they won’t get sufficient time to grow. Flipping also extends the life of a mattress.

These monsoon tips for mattress will let you sleep tension-free and enjoy this sleepy season to
the fullest. Hope this Hypnos mattress cleaning guide adds insight to mattress care and maintenance
during monsoon.

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