4 habits you must kick out of the bedroom

There is an important reason for having this as a separate room in every house. The bedroom — the designated sleeping area.

But our generation is messing up the concept by using the bed for activities apart from sleeping and of course, romance. 

So, what are they? And how do they affect the quality of sleep we get?

Let’s take a look!


The Covid pandemic has changed the way we live. Working from home has become the default mode of operation for most office-goers. While it has its own pros and cons, what we are talking about here is working from bed or bedroom. 

Even if you don’t work from bed per say, but have a work setup in the corner of the room, it’ll be a good idea to move it out into another room.

Working in the bedroom breaks the mental connection between it and sleep. Makes it difficult for the mind to relax and trigger the right hormones that help you sleep.


Bringing food to bed is a big NO. Not only having access to food from bed increases chances of late night snacking but the crumbs and fallen bits attract unwanted guests.

You wouldn’t want ants, cockroaches and bugs to come under or worse, on your bed looking for food, disturbing your sleep.


You’d be tempted to take a peek at the new releases or watch the latest episode of your favourite series before you doze off.

Watching TV or any other screen for that matter, interferes with the sleep hormone melatonin due to the blue light emitted by them. Studies recommend you switch them off at least 30 mins before your bedtime.

Your senses of hearing and seeing are super pepped while watching a video. And watching them in the bedroom makes your brain associate the room with activeness and alertness. 

That’s not great when you are trying to fall asleep later.


We already saw that watching phones and web-connected devices is bad because of their blue light. 

Apart from this, they also have the ability to disrupt sleep with beeps and rings, which often don’t need our immediate attention. They could have waited till the next morning. 

But alas, since you are woken up, you just want to check if it is something important, turn the screen on, the blue light wakes you up even more and now, it gets more difficult to fall asleep. 

If only, you silenced the phone or better yet, left it out of the room, you’d have been snoring away to glory!

That’s it!

These are the four things you must avoid in your bedroom. But if you commit these cardinal sins in there, be prepared for a long night of wrestling with sleep. And that’s not good news for your next day or the day after that either.

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