Supermoms need to ‘SLOW DOWN

Juggling kids, home and a job? There is no better word to describe you than ‘supermom’.
“It takes a village to raise a child.”, is an old adage. With nuclear families taking over, the role of a mother in childcare has gone several notches higher.
From conception to birth, everyone insists on mothers taking care of their health and well-being since it affects the child. Things change once the baby comes out into the world and ‘you’ take a back-seat. But that shouldn’t happen.
You must always prioritise yourself! After all, a happy and healthy mom is the backbone of a happy and healthy family.
Having established your importance, we propose you get two things right – Sleep and me-time.

When you sleep is when your body recovers and re energizes after your usual hectic day. Make sure you get at least 6 hours at a stretch to relieve stress, flush out toxins and get stronger & sharper.
(Read: Sleep – Body’s in-action state)
Hypnos’ Panorama is a bed in a box made with 3 different foam layers and is a perfect combination of maximum support and plush comfort.
Just what a supermom needs to ‘SLOW DOWNTM ’ and rejuvenate to take on the next day!

It’s amazing how even 30 minutes of doing something for yourself can bring joy and peace. As simple as reading a book, starting on that long due DIY project or sweating it out. This daily dose of me-time medicine is what prevents burnouts.
Try it! It’s addictive, isn’t it?

There are few other things you must consider doing. They can make navigating through your day a tad bit easier.
Let’s discuss them.

Decide the menu for the week and shop
It is stressful to wake up in the morning wondering what to make for the day’s meals and then realize you don’t have all that you need!
A better approach could be to plan the week’s dishes over the previous weekend and hit the store to stock up the kitchen with everything you’d require. This gives you ample time to think, plan and prepare.
Make it a family thing to set the menu. It also helps in taking everyone’s interests into consideration.

Automate — use machines wherever possible
Washing machines are common equipment in households these days. However, dishwashers and vacuum or robo cleaners have largely been Western stuff, until Covid hit. With house-help availability getting restricted, the trend is shifting towards them in India as well.
Though the initial investment is high, they easily make up for it in the long run. Give them a shot.

Ask for help and delegate work
You needn’t and shouldn’t have to do it all yourself! Never feel guilty about it either.
Involve your partner. It’s time to break gender stereotypes.
Also assign age-appropriate chores to children. It’s a great way to inculcate ownership and responsibility. You may use this to teach about money and financial discipline by monetizing their work and using their accumulated funds to buy their toys and other things.
There are a lot of wins here.

So supermoms, these are not just nice things but must do ones.
Try them for a while and you’ll see the difference. You’ll start feeling much better and you totally deserve it.
A salute to all the supermoms!

We are Hypnos, the latest innovation from the house of Peps, inviting you to slow down. Our range of premium mattresses create the perfect environment for a good night’s sleep, also inspire a life that is richer, fuller, and more meaningful

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