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Is Your Mattress Sagging? Its Causes & Ways To Avoid

People often didn’t understand how their mattress sag? This is the most reasonable question that affects the bed industry and consumers. Buying a mattress is more like an investment for a customer, people won’t like to invest thousands of rupees on a mattress that will lose comfort in a short duration. On the other hand, manufacturers have to deal with unhappy and dissatisfied customers. Sagging is the major concern for every individual while buying a mattress. The more the depth of sagging, the more chance of discomfort and pain. Sagging can also lead to unhealthy sleeping patterns. A #saggingmattress should be a matter of concern to you. It may result in severe back and #neckpain and can also affect your #sleepquality. To prevent the mattress from sagging proper maintenance and regular checks/inspection are necessary. Don’t blame your age if you are experiencing sore back, hip, and neck pain, the reason could be your sagged mattress.

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Causes of Sagging

If you are wondering why your mattress has started to sag after a short time of use then this may be the cause for that-

Poor Foundation/Surface of Cot

The most common reason for premature sagging is the poor foundation or frame. A cot or foundation with less support may also lead to #prematuresagging. Before buying a mattress consider the condition of the foundation, if it is worn down, broken, or lacks sturdy central support, then you need to replace the foundation. It is also found that a foundation with less than 6 legs will lack #support around the centre and therefore results in premature sagging. Also, the foundation that utilizes slats also got sagged specially at the areas that fall between the support of the slats. An older foundation or cot is likely to be worn out and may result in sagging.
The ideal foundation for your mattress depends on numerous factors. It is advised to check with the manufacturer regarding which foundation best suits your mattress. Sagging will lead to uneven support which hampers your sleep quality and can also affect your overall #health.

Dimension of Cot

If the dimension of the cot is not apt as per the size of the mattress, this can result in sagging. An improper cot dimension, i.e. a large mattress placed on a smaller foundation or a smaller mattress on a large foundation will cause sagging. Improper dimension of the cot is another major reason behind #mattresssagging.

Ways to minimize sagging in your mattress

Certainly, there is no sure shot way to fix sagging but you can minimize it with these practices.
Rotate the mattress
Rotating the mattress i.e, swapping the head and foot of the bed will help to prolong your mattress’ life. Rotating the mattress every 3-6 months is a golden rule of thumb to prevent premature sagging.
Unless specifically mentioned by the manufacturer, don’t flip the mattress.
Replace the foundation
Replacing the frame of your bed can prevent #prematuresagging of the mattress. Check for the specifications provided by mattress manufacturers regarding the bases and foundations that are compatible with their mattresses.
Use a mattress topper
If there is a slight sagging, a mattress protector will do the needful by providing even support to the mattress. Thus, a mattress protector reduces the effects of sagging mattresses by filling in slight indents. It is an affordable and temporary solution to enhance comfort. Place it on top of the mattress and underneath the bed sheet to prevent sagging and promote sleep comfort.

With proper maintenance, you can prolong the lifespan and reduce the sagging of your mattress. Hypnos Mattresses are designed keeping in mind that our customers are not just buying a mattress rather they are making an investment. We deliver premium quality mattresses made from high-quality material to provide longevity. Also, our mattresses come with a warranty of 5 years.

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