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Do’s and Don’ts of Mattress Maintenance and Care

Mattress Care

It is not very often that we worry about taking the right care of the mattress we sleep on. It’s therefore right to question the mere need of investing time in caring about a mattress when there are a hundred more things that are worth investing time in. Mattresses have never been on the forefront, always hidden under beautiful bedsheets and other layers of bedding, so why should one care about the do’s and don’ts of mattress care and maintenance? The answer is very obvious, like all our day-to-day activities, sleeping too is a very integral part of our body’s functioning, and to sleep right it is essential to have a sleeping space that is comfortable and well kept. Mattresses are an investment for ensured comfort, and to keep the mattress in good form and to help them last long it is essential to understand what should and should not be done to prevent the premium quality of the mattress.

Do’s of Mattresses Maintenance and Care

1. Take the help of a mattress protector
Like pillowcases are used to keep the pillows clean and new, mattress protectors are used to keeping the mattress clean, safe from dust, and protect from external damages. Mattress protectors are easy to wash, unlike mattresses, and can be used multiple times. These mattress protectors keep your premium mattress fresh and as good as new for a long time by sacrificing themselves with every wash.

2. Seasonal flips and turns
Most often we sleep in a set position that we feel comfortable in which means that the mattress that we sleep on experiences more pressure on certain areas in comparison to the others which is also because of differences in body weight at different body parts. For the purpose of ensuring equal wear and tear on your premium foam mattress, seasonal mattress flipping is advised. You can follow the flip and rotate pattern of rotating the mattress in one season and flipping it in the following season.

3. Vacuum clean every 3 months
Vacuuming mattresses every 3 months is mandatory, it is more important if you have allergies. Vacuuming a PU foam mattress, memory foam mattress, or any other mattress is a must, as they get exposed to dust mites over a period of time. Thoroughly vacuum your mattress with the upholstery attachments of your vacuum cleaner.

Don’ts of Mattresses Maintenance and Care

1. Stand or allow jumping on the mattress
Standing or jumping on a mattress will put too much pressure on a small place, which can damage that area on the mattress. Spring and airbed mattresses are more prone to damage with rough wear. Also, the foundation frames wear out more quickie when you are hard on your mattress.

2. Using mattress handles to lift the whole weight
The handles at the side of the mattress are for shifting and adjusting the mattress
once the mattress is properly placed in place. If you try lifting the mattress with these handles, this will likely tear loose the mattress.

3. Bend, fold, or drag your mattress
Unless the mattress you bought is not made of soft material or specifically built for folding, do not bend or fold it. this may cause damage to the mattress. Also, avoid folding the mattress edges while applying fitted sheets.

Take utmost care while handling the mattress. Follow these general do’s and don’ts to keep the mattress healthy and long-lasting.

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